Replacing Fear With Abounding Hope

Tony Costa continues his series on hope and how to identify and replace fears in our life.

Adjusting Our Thinking

Tony Costa continues his series on Hope and speaks on adjusting our thinking within abounding hope rather than with thoughts that attract the enemy.

A Look Back At 2017 Testimonies

Various Revive the World Ministry members give their account of the impact God has made in their lives throughout 2017.

Hope For The Holidays

Tony Costa shares about Jesus and the revelation of what it meant for the world of Him choosing to sacrifice Himself for us.

Living In The Highest Hope

Tony Costa teaches on the power of hope and joy in our lives and how to live out of the fullness of our identity, exactly like Jesus.

Identity Simplified

Sarah Webster shares on our Identity in Christ and how simple mindset changes can change our perspective and our environment.


Tony Costa speaks on how we are unpunishable becuase Jesus took our punishment on the cross. Unconditional love is unoffendable.

Living From Approval

Tony Costa speaks on living out of a place of rest and identity.

Resting In Who We Are

Tony Costa speaks on how we access all aspects of Kingdom Culture.

A Gateway Into The Miraculous Part 2: Stewarding The Testimony

Tony Costa continues his series on living a lifestyle of the miraculous and how stewarding the testimony well is the gateway into more miracles.